Why Rejection Is NOT the Problem

3 Simple Strategies to Help Writers Strengthen Their Resolve

I remember meeting with an unpublished writer in a Nashville coffee shop years ago. She told me in no uncertain terms she was a writer and was going to be published. That writer was Rachel Held Evans, and she meant what she said. Evans worked hard on her craft and nurtured an audience. She honed […]

25 Excellent Books I Recommend to Every Writer

Worthy Reads on Craft and Platform Building

Two years ago I started a one-on-one coaching program for writers. A feature of the program clients rave about is their “Book of the Month.” Each month I send a book with a letter about why I think the book is a worthwhile read for their writing and platform-building. Below is a list of the […]


How to Make Sure You Are and Convince Publishers to Bet on You

Publishing is legalized gambling.” That’s an aphorism I’ve heard several times from publishing professionals, and there’s some truth to it. Publishers place a bet on an author and her manuscript, meaning they pay an advance as well as all the costs of production (editorial, marketing, printing, paper, glue, etc) and marketing (advertising, mailings, publicity, exhibit […]

The Fun, Fabulous Way to Build a Platform

Why Having Fun Is Key to Growing Your Following

Recently I went ice skating with my kids. This is an activity we do once or twice or year, so none of us is all that proficient at it. My seven-year-old daughter, in particular, is still learning the basics. A little wobbly. During our most recent outing I placed myself a few feet in front […]

My Annual Review of 2018

The Ups, the Downs, and What I Learned Along the Way

This has been a year of transition for me! That coupled with author James Clear’s advice to do an annual review are enough for me to take up the task. Following Clear’s example, I’ll cover what went well, what didn’t go so well, and what I learned. Here we go! What Went Well This Year? […]

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What I Learned from Joseph Michael, The Scrivener Coach

Recently I asked Joseph Michael to present a webinar on the ins and outs of Scrivener to readers of this blog. While I was the host of the webinar, I was also a very willing attendee. You see, I have known about Scrivener for a long time. Friends like Michael Hyatt and Jeff Goins, both […]

How to Get a Publisher’s Attention

And 10 Other Things Writers Want to Know about Publishing

Recently I asked readers of this blog, “What’s your #1 question about publishing or getting published?” Below are some the questions I received with my responses. I’ve tried to order these in terms of the chronological process of deciding how to publish, picking a publisher, submitting, and so on. I hope you enjoy reading through […]


An Interview with Kindlepreneur Creator Dave Chesson

We all know Amazon is the biggest bookseller in the world by far, but marketing on Amazon is still a mystery to many authors. Most writers don’t understand what makes a book an Amazon bestseller. And they’re confused about how to work with the Amazon platform to market their books and increase sales. That’s why […]

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Answering Readers’ Questions about Building an Audience

Below are questions I received recently about how to build a writer platform followed by my responses. My hope is that these questions are broadly representative of those many writers have about this often vexing topic. Before I jump into the questions, let me first define what I mean by platform. An author’s platform is […]

This Is How I Really Feel about Platform

Finding Common Ground between Art and Audience Building

Can I be honest with you? I get tired of talking about platform, and I’m sure writers get sick of hearing people like me talk about platform. Why is this? I think it’s because the work writers do to build an audience often feels other than and separate from doing art. The Difference between Art […]