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FALL EQUINOX Saturday, September 22, 9:55pm EDST The FALL EQUINOX is that point when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun. It ushers in the predominance of the energies of the third three signs of the zodiac: Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. These signs are social in nature and rely on working with others for personal survival. They seek to relate with others beyond immediate family members and instinctive love connections. Note: In both the Spring and Autumnal equinoxes, the season change depends upon your hemisphere. In both hemispheres the progression of the…

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Summer is coming to an end and what does that mean??? It’s time to go school shopping! Taking your kids back-to-school shopping can be a fun experience — or not! Learn how you and your child can enjoy prepping for the new school year with this sign-by-sign guide on best shopping strategies, budget and fashion.  Aries  Aries will do best with a back-to-school shopping experience that is fast and furious. Don’t leave too many options for store choices — just go and get it done. Respect the Aries sense of individuality when it comes to fashion and everyone should emerge from…

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ARIES: They doubt themselves. They need reassurance and validation from people they love, and if you give them this, they’ll be your loudest, strongest, most enthusiastic cheerleaders. They’ll always stand up and fight for you (even if they know you’re in the wrong)… if you do the same for them. Don’t take this for granted. TAURUS: They will put themselves first. Always. It’s because they feel like no one else does, though; they always get taken for granted and ignored and they get so sick of it. They will break your heart with their selfishness, but they do love you….

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Happy Independence Day Everyone! Here are some tips on what you should be eating according to your Zodiac Sign. Our horoscopes can tell us what foods are best for us. With the upcoming holiday, we should all make sure to eat right! As a general rule of thumb your basic nurturing food is typically the same as your astrological sign. So the old adage, you are what you eat will read, eat what you are. For example Taurus’ nurturing food is beef; Pisces is fish; get it? Personal likes and dislikes will strongly effect what you are eating more than any sign…

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Happy Summer Solstice

Welcome Summer Solstice! Happy Summer Solstice to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere! May the light of clarity continue to dawn and shine, both inside and outside ourselves. For all of us, this summer will be filled with many opportunities for adventure in love, but they won’t come without reality checks. Some big planets are in motion this year, including three eclipses throughout July and August — cosmic occurrences that are notorious for spurring big changes, and wake-up calls! Ready to get our summer love on? Aries (March 21-April 19) If you’re single you may want to rethink your relationship with…

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Mercury Retrograde 2018

We’ve probably all heard the planet Mercury blamed for miscellaneous mayhem: My computer crashed, Mercury must be retrograde. The car won’t start, Mercury must be retrograde. That certain someone I’ve been lusting after didn’t phone even though I was promised I’d get a call — Mercury MUST be retrograde! During 2018, Mercury goes retrograde three times: March 22nd 2018 (Aries) – April 15th 2017 (Aries) July 25th 2018 (Leo) – August 18th 2018 (Leo) November 16th 12th 2018 (Scorpio) – December 6th 2018 (Sagittarius) Well, what exactly is this mysterious culprit of chaos? Your Horoscope Daily can explain… WHAT IT IS……

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  Gem stones are beautiful and can be very useful as they have energetic properties that can influence the human physical body and energetic field. The use of gemstones have been related to astrology since ancient times, each planet is associated with some particular stones that can influence its energy for better or for worse. Selecting a gemstone to wear can be a delicate job that requires the astrologer to study the native’s birth chart well before recommending it.  Wearing a gemstone of a planet can strengthen it to an extent, but if that planet rules a difficult house in…

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The Astro Author Aries: The Original Aries writers burst onto the scene, charting in brand new territory. Afraid to go there? Afraid to say that? Aries writers aren’t. They give us our epic heroes, our knights in shining armor. They love battles and fighting and blunt, razor-sharp words. Offend them? They will cut you down so hard and fast you won’t know what hit you. How to spot an Aries author? They have supreme focus. They’re usually at a traditional desk, earbuds in as they work. Don’t try talking to them either. They have tunnel-vision during the writing process and…

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Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Key Word: Act Fire can keep you warm, or it can be explosive. They are the ones who light up the room with their spirited energy. At their best, these signs are energetic, passionate, and creative. They live to spark life in the world around them. Their downfall is to act first, think later. When they exert too much energy, they tend to burn out. But just like a phoenix, they rise again from their own ashes. Nurture them, kindle their flames, and they will shine through the darkest of nights. The Earth Signs: Taurus,…