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Propertons is a bold startup launching in 2019, offering crowdfunding investment opportunities in rental property from as little as £100. Founded by a 21-year-old entrepreneur, Propertons enables anyone to invest in property and their future. If you are looking to make your money work harder and be part of a global property investment community, then Propertons is the key.

How it works

how it works

Complete the Propertons registration process in two easy steps, at no cost and with no obligation.

how it works

Simply choose from a range of hand selected investment properties in UK and Europe.

how it works

Enter the amount you wish to invest.

how it works

Confirm method of payment, proof of ID and invest!

Propertons manage everything

Propertons takes care of everything – from purchase and rental to repair and sale. Through our website, investors will easily be able to track and manage their property investments.

Each property package is designed to last five years and includes all associated costs such as professional fees and stamp duty costs, as well asrental and re-sale projections.

Be part of Propertons

We are currently seeking funding of up to £250,000 for 25% of the business.  You can invest from £10K, view our Investor Deck and join us for an exciting journey.

Why Propertons?

how it works

We unite you with like-minded investors

how it works

We have ambitious plans for global domination!

how it works

We make property investment achievable for everyone

how it works

We hand-pick properties to suit all types of investor

how it works

We break down the barriers to property investing

how it works

We will never, ever charge hidden fees

how it works

Our team are with you every step of the way

how it works

We are backed by a team of experienced investors and driven by a committed team

Jake Elsley, CEO

Jake’s entrepreneurial aspirations began aged just 13 when he started fixing PCs. He is driven, focused and has exceptional IT skills, as long as he is fed every hour. Since founding Propertons just over a year ago, Jake has discovered how to turn his hand to every aspect of the business in order to make it a success. He loves to travel and is also partial to choir singing and a glass of wine.


Giuseppe La Loggia, Lead Investor

Our Italian lead investor knows a thing or two about startups, renewable energy and asset management.  His impeccable dress sense shows us all up and he can always tell you where to find the finest restaurants.  He has a distinguished legal and commercial background and a proven track record in managing large and complex projects.


Hannah Newberry, Communications

Hannah likes words and is a stickler for attention to detail, so watch out! Having run her own communications business for 18 years, she brings a wealth of corporate experience to the table. A keen socialiser, Hannah likes exercising outdoors, spending time with her family and nosing around properties.


Caroline Sumners, Marketing

Strategy is the name of the game for Caroline, whether it is marketing or social media. She has corporate experience and knows what it’s like running your own business. Caroline likes punctuality and being super organised, just don’t give her a Gantt chart! Caroline likes nothing better than a walk with her dog Rufus along the beach.


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Pre-register here for the Propertons launch in June 2018 and to keep up to date with all our developments.

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Be part of Propertons

Become an investor and be part of Propertons by investing in our business, to find out more on how you can invest with us please fill the form below and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Be part of Propertons

Become a customer by pre-register here for the Propertons launch in June 2018 and to keep up to date with all our developments.