Tutoring Services in Charlotte, NC


STEMPowerment Tutoring provides high quality tutoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math subjects to students of all ages in the Charlotte, NC area.

My name is Laura Nicholson, and I am an MIT-educated engineer who loves introducing students to tough math and science concepts in a friendly and accessible way.

As much as I love STEM subjects, I know they can be incredibly frustrating. They can be intimidating, unforgiving and just plain hard. They can make you miserable in a way that humanities subjects couldn’t dream of.  Trust me, I’ve been there. (So has everyone else who has been through engineering school.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.)  So my goal is not just to help my students to get the right answer, but to build confidence in their abilities.

My teaching philosophy revolves around empowerment and perseverance.  I believe knowledge is power, and STEM knowledge is increasingly important in our technology-dependent world.  I also believe that everyone can understand these concepts – that everyone is “a math person.”  I love watching my students have “lightbulb” moments, when suddenly everything makes sense.  Sometimes, “they way the teacher does it” or “the way the book does it” or even “the way the tutor does it” are not the way the student understands.  If you don’t “get it,” I’ll explain it a different way.  If you still don’t get it, you are not the problem- the explanation is the problem.  We’ll keep trying until it clicks.