Tighter monetary conditions in the U.S. have led to a stronger dollar, capital outflows from emerging markets and disinflation. This is pretty much confirmed with recent downtick on inflation data. The U.S. is now getting a triple shot of tightening in the form of higher rates, reduced money supply and a stronger dollar. At this rate, we may be in a recession sometime next year unless the Fed reverses course.


This week is a holiday-week in US, will likely be one of the lowest volume weeks in a year.

Cable stays rangebound ahead of EU summit and FED rate hike in December. Daily range to trade: 1.3 - 1.33.

Options checklist

In this post I'll try to summarize my approach to selecting and entering into options trades. It should look like a step-by-step guide, as detailed as possible.


Two weeks ago I made an assumption that Bitcoin has formed a classic bubble nad that it'll go through all stages, mandatory for every financial bubble. So far, the situation is in line with the template: the market have passed "return to normal" phase and now is right in the middle of "fear" phase.

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Volatility buy for GOLD ETF trade description in this post. And some general thoughts on the options trading. 


Do you like asset bubbles? I adore it. It's just like Roller-coaster for adults :)

We are at the very edge of BTC cycle expansion, at the "return to normal" phase.

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Ask yourself: are there any projects in blockchain space that are still not recognised by the market? Projects that have have the potential of ETH in 2015 or Bitcoin at $250?

Dollar Index remains neutral-to-bearish

We can see that on Monthly timeframe MACD bear divergence persists, signaling the bear reversal. During 2017 market is consolidating in the 100-103 range. I would expect USDX to break the range downside, through the 100 support.

However during this week USDX is moving up, to test upper bounds of the range at 101.7. I would expect to see consolidation and then reversal from these levels


With "Trump, who became real president after bombig Syria" and some positive-to-neutral earnings figures from top 500 US corporations I would expect Animal spirits to dominate once again and provide inspiration for reaching new all-time highs.

I'm leaving my monthly view with no changes: SP500 is heading to new record high at 2400-2500 in the coming months. And there is no reasons to be bearish at the moment.

Crypto trading notes

I expect BTC and ETH to grow this week. And overall cryptospace looks extremely promising.